Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Reflections dance upon the grave

where I lay
every molecule of pain
you ever gave
to me.


shimmers in the
dying rays
of the sunset

on the
darkest day
of winter this year.

Crows cry in the rain
as all you ever gave
all you ever gave
dies and withers away

Friday, December 07, 2007

Glistening silver
falls from the skyline
coating my world
with ice,

leaving me aching,
shivering craving
fiery nights

gone by.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

with eyes closed

I feel you

sink your teeth into my

you've made a meal of me.

Written for Read Write Poem

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Inside Out

She spends her time in fallout shelters in her mind, can't run far enough.

Putting pen to page -this life- making beauty out of nothing at all.

These poems are an attempt at writing American Sentences for a prompt at

Monday, November 12, 2007

A hand reaching through the fire-
take me in
and shield my soul.

The world around us is dying,
but with
you here

I would never

*written for the prompt Friendship at Writer's Island

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Still, Still, Still

Centuries later and

I write poems inspired by you

cause I am

a silly, silly girl,

your sinful lonely girl......


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

what can I do now?
you’re gone

you are gone
from my side

the seat besides me stays empty
the bed grows cold

and nothing else
I do
will ever be enough
to fill this space

it’d be so much easier if I could just not think
not think

but I do,
I do

and this is all my fault
you’re gone,

By Sara
written October 8th,2006.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Poetry Tag

I was at Poets Who Blog when I saw this post:

It's a game of poetry tag. Be the first to post TAG in the comments. Then take these lines and add one, in a post on your own blog, along with these instructions. Whoever adds the nineteenth line then takes the poem to Poets Who Blog at and puts the whole poem in the comment section there. Each person who plays need to also mention what site you were at when you found the poem so that other bloggers can follow the breadcrumbs back to this poem. You can play more than once but not twice in a row.

Poetry Tag Poem

The sound shook his bones

like a cymbal

My line is the second one. Tag me and you can be the person who writes the third line.

Monday, October 22, 2007

teetering precariously,

heart in me
clings to your confession-
my water in the desert,
my oxygen on the moon.

who could have known?
who knew?

mere breaths from dying
and then there was


Sunday, October 21, 2007

You weakness sickens me.
Such a pretty girl

The lines in your face
away your youth every second.

How do you stand it?
Can't you feel the air getting thin?
Time giving in?

Next year, next year....

I promise the face in my mirror.

I will do better next year.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

when you are eighteen, you think like this.

you brought me to the edge of free-
a tattered soul,

and for your price you asked for

it wasn’t much.
it wasn’t hard.
you were a floating vagabond
who prayed that I could be your


I was spinning- hard and fast-
against myself,
against my past,
but somehow you....

you never knew it.


just starting a revolution.


Times were good but we.....we never knew it.

By Sara Pufahl with thanks to Rob and The Writer's Island for the prompt: The Journey.

Monday, September 17, 2007

If I....

bereft of power
I approach you,
eager to please.

like a child
I long for you-

of all my defenses
down upon my

I lay my sacrifice before you
and in a gesture


Friday, September 07, 2007


Disappointment flows
muddy water through my viens-

running thick and cold-

full of all the
everybody knows;
nobody's gonna

Maybe if I could change (change)
get rid of all this rage (rage)

everyday day day day

wouldn't be the same same same



Thursday, July 26, 2007


You found me standing on the bluffs.
hollowed eyed, bemoaning lust-
and all that it had done
to undo me.

It left me gasping shallow air,
choking on sins and despair-
far from the girl
you once knew
as me.

Your greedy hands
they brought me

Oh, what a shame,
I loved the

and in your name I did it all.

Look what
I have done to me, to me, to me.

Look what I have done to...

Look what I have....

Friday, June 29, 2007


Waking in the moonlight,
went and lost her will to fight,
doesn't have the strength-

not anymore.

Stumbling down dark sidewalks
wondering where the times gone-
used to be
days to waste-

not anymore.

Well they never told her about this
back when she was

Filled her head with fairytales
so somehow she expected more.

She expected more.
She expected more

than living under streetlights,
lying her own head off,
everythings a compromise,

life was supposed to be more,
supposed to be more, supposed to be....

its dark now and she's weary,
best to just keep moving,
don't think about it,
don't crave


Thursday, June 14, 2007


Like liquor tumbles over ice
in a chilled glass,
that was your laugh.

And how it danced right over
my spine

every time
you thought you knew me better,

knew me better,
than I know me.

your insincerity
is startling.

your veneer is cracked.
and still you laugh,

you laugh,
you laugh,

and still I take you back,

like ice scraping against glass, glass, glass.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Like a desert who longs for a flood,
you come over me with fingers scorching from the sun
that has beat you down

and this life
they saddled you with, you say
it just ain't right
ain't right

nothing should be so hard
but, boy,

we all got scars and rivers that are running dry

as the news sells all those lies.

It just ain't right
ain't right

you can say it again a couple hundred times
repeat it like a flashing sign

shout it from that mirage of a mountaintop
where you stay

left me lonely but its you
who will say

It just ain't right
ain't right

its not going to rain in the desert tonight
your touch has gone to ground

you're lost
never come around
no more

weary from your cracked life

it's so unfair and you just can't survive
you know that just ain't right
ain't right
ain't right

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I broke my heart,
broke my heart
for you.

Look at the things I would do
just to help you.

I broke the wall,
fell right on through,
into a well for you-

only wanted to help you.

I twisted the laws,
made lies true,
made lies do,

just to help you.

I broke my heart,
broke my heart for you.

You never saw the bruise-
such a cost to help you.

Look at what
I would do, what I would do-


it never helped


I could never help you. I broke my heart...

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Even avalanches couldn't stifle

mouth wide open

stealing all the air in the room-
leaving nothing left


Like dirty, dirty, dirty

running water, red and cold.

She was forever painfully bold,
bone twistingly brave

was she.

and all her lies you could not help but believe,
believe, believe....

snow can't bury everything.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

adept at stifling sonic booms

to make sure
I break down;
I never do break through.

don't call it constant drama
no, you never knew-

you never knew me at all.

sabotage my own
grandiose fantasies.

take a knife to
stab away reality.

cut you with the bitter blades of what
I'll never be.

you never knew,
you never knew me-
at all.

Trip over this news,
fall down the stairs.

Didn't catch a clue
till you were in midair.

Thought you knew the truth
but what you knew
was never really there.

You never knew. You never knew
at all.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

don’t fight it-
this mudslide of swollen dreams

that whisks you toward the grave.
don’t say its

more than you can take
just take it-

over your skin, smooth like gin,
in a glass that is black

so you can’t see a thing
till it’s all too late.

flesh pressed against
the gate


hopes drip away,
gurgling down the

used to think
you would die if it all
turned out this way.

Then it did.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Under endless skies, she wore white
and danced with hips
that sighed

and slid, and smoothed their way to
unheard beats-

beneath the thumping Mexican heat,
he found her

withering there.

And was it fair? No, it was not fair.
But what? What?

What in life ever was? What dream would come?

For them the answer was none, none, none, and

simply never.

She had always belonged to someone else and she would forever.

Note- This poem was written for Poetry Thursday. The first line comes from Brian at Truth is Freedom

Sunday, April 01, 2007

The W's

When all the sand in the hourglass
like wine squeezed from the fruit of time

and what I thought I would one day be
what I never quite could find,

who shall I seek?
where shall I search?

who cleans up messes when everything hurts?

If the broken break under a moonless sky
God still see the tears they cry?

Just whisper to me the cure-
who,what, where,
why, why, why
did time run out and I was still chasing my ghost of a life,

just chasing ghosts, and catching nothing, nothing
every time.

Note-This was written for Poetry Thursday’s April 1st prompt: absolve
My idea was to describe a person who seeks forgiveness for wasting their life but who can give that forgiveness and what would it look like?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Beautiful Madness

twin hues of
green and blue
light and pain
align in the portrait she paints,
a lovely bitter face.

And she wonders....

is it a symptom of madness

to find such beauty swirling

around all that

Note- The picture comes from Write Words Writing Club

Sunday, March 18, 2007

see me in the chipped paint.

smell me in the dirt, the dust, the musky smell of
in this place that time forgot.

You loved me not.
For you ran out, and ditched me on the side of this dirt road
long, long,
the end of breath in me.

Feel me in the breeze,
haunted angry screams rip through
the trees

yelling about lust, discarded dreams and us-
yelling about trust, discarded dreams and us.

Note- This was written for Poetry Thursday. The idea was to write a poem inspired by a picture of your own choosing.

My photo came from here,
a site with pictures that are in the public domain.

The artist who took it is named Clarita

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

you hold your image of me
in your hand
like water


leaving me shivering
biding my time
till you open your hands

and let me flow away

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


of high low rumbles
through the grey light matter

forming a seeming contradiction.

"Don’t say this is true,
let it be fiction," unspoken dry mouthed words you say,
clutching hands you pray, pray, pray.

The Desert With No Rain grows a tree of knowledge
and you

see the carnage, see the carnage,see the carnage

and know the truth.

Note- This was written for Poetry Thursday. The idea was to take a word and make your own definition for it. My idea was to make Sabrage describe the moment when your mind reacts to finding out about a life changing secret. Grey light matter is supposed to be your brain.

Sabrage, in actuality, describes the technique that is employed when a saber is used to open a wine bottle.

Wikipedia defines Sabrage

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Blue Green Colors Flashing

You are a blue green goddess that

You are the jagged, twisted face of

You are hanging in the air, close to

could you touch him if you tried?
could you pray for me tonight?

whisper in the wind and make it all

all right to be just who I am.
all right to not give up my sin.
all right to cry most every night.
all right to be too weak to fight.

You are the blue green, jagged twisted
beauty uplifted, far away yet home,

goddess that floats.

Note_ Title comes from a Stevie Nicks song.

This was written for a challenge at
Write Words Writing Club

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

God Made Red

Hot as city sidewalks
on the last day of July.

It looks just like death
and bleeds just like life.

The color of kisses,and broken
skin, and lies.

The color of rage
exploding behind your eyes.

Looking like the
inside of a volcano’s belly,

roaring like a dragon that’s hungry.

It’s a hue that keeps coming, coming, coming,
suck you in
take you deep inside,
get you hot, hard, and ready
til it’s banging in your head, head, head,

and all you hear is

red red red red


Note- This was written for Poetry Thursday. The prompt was Red, which happens to be my favorite color. I thought of doing a poem that was less literal but I wanted to do something was a tribute to the color. For years just the sight of it is enough to bring a smile to my lips.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Beauty Within

With fluid lines that flow like glass
and subtle curves that glide and mask
your shrouded secrets that sound
like the past

from which the world began.

Blue white foam
roars through your vessel
coming home
rolling until it lessens
again and then again and again and


whispering about dreams of sand.

Note- This was written for Poetry Thursday. The idea was to write a poem that describes something beautiful without revealing what the subject matter was. Check the comments to see the answer to the object this poem describes.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Poetry Carnival Poets

To love creating poetry is to love showing your soul to the world. These poets have shared parts of themselves with the world at large, through their poems. Read and enjoy:

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It’s like being connected to an ocean

KGT’s blog is called When I Wax

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Jillbeth who displays her work at her blog called The Broken Cup: Christian Poetry

Hope you will take this chance to visit all the poets listed.

If you submitted by Feb 14th and do not see your blog here let me know.

There is another poetry carnival coming up. This one will be hosted by the link exchange site I run,
Poets Who Blog

If you want to take part, submit by Feb 23rd to

Thank you

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cell Memory

A bone remembers a break
a tongue remembers a burn
skin remembers the cut
and still I never learn

the pieces of me know

but keep it
the whole

the parts of me do make
a mismatched
crazy shaped

crooked girl

a mouth recalls a kiss
a scar recalls a burn
skin recalls the slice

and still I never learn
I never learn

Note- This was written for Poetry Thursday. The prompt was: The body knows...

Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Dark Chase

It matters....
he was....

my first man,
drifting in and out of the shadows
through darkened parking lots I
sought him,
chased his bitter soul down
the maze his twisted mind made

He never knew how I craved
simple, normal things.
He was broken and then he
broke me.

And though I learned
to trace every crack in his
and his every stain became my own
he remained aloof
an empty man,
hollowed in all the places
I needed to find solace.
and soon I was too.

It doesn’t matter....
he did it....
no, he didn’t....
change it all to suit me now
my first man wasn’t anything like that.

Note- This is my Poetry Thursday contribution. The theme this week was change. I wasn't feeling inspired to write something new ( this has been a pretty down week for me) so I posted this poem that speaks of changing memories.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Trivial Soultion

a trivial solution
lacking common sense
lacking any value
you give it no merit.

you give me no merit.
you laugh with
daggers in your eyes.

and all those times I longed to
make you see me,

into fragments

of broken memories.

turning to

turning while you are laughing,

laughing, laughing

all the while.

Note- This was written for Poetry Thursday. The prompt was to use a mathematical term to inspire a poem. If you knew me, you would know, how ironic it is that math could inspire anything but loathing in me.

Here is an explanation of the term I used


Monday, January 29, 2007

Poetry Carnival

Would you like to find more readers for your Poetry blog?

In the spirit of meeting new poets and getting exposure for as many blogs as possible, this site will be hosting a Poetry Carnival.

The idea is to send in a entry with a link to your personal favorite poem on your blog.

I will list all of these links on February 17th. The deadline to submit is February 14th.

The Rules:

1. Submit one post from your poetry blog.

2. The poem must be in English.

3. Send your submissions to

Each post should include:

The name of your blog.

Your blog's URL.

The name of the post and it's corresponding URL.

Your screen name.

This idea was suggested by Kilroy at

Fear and Loathing

Check out his blog for an interesting read. Right now he is running a Blog Carnival that aims to promote any type of blog. Jump in and take part!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I write therefore...

I love you, poetry, because you are mine. You belong to me like my breath, my blood, my bones. I adore the way you flow, a river over cold smooth stones, and how you dip and drop ten thousand miles to the ground you fall, fall, fall, letters flying through the sky. Words shooting through the night, and when the right one finds me, I breathe and come to life. Poetry, my goddess laying down to be adored, I love you for what you give: these words prove that I lived.

Note- This was written for Poetry Thursday.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

All Poets Invited to Connect

I have started a new project. The aim is to grow a community of poets who will read, comment, link and support each other's efforts. Will you lend your help?

I wanted to say thank you to Billy the Blogging Poet for this

He is working tirelessy to promote poets who post their work online. Check out his site at


She moves with an air
unbearable sadness,
and limbs heavy as

thousand year old tree branches.

She is unclaimed,
not chosen,
not living.

She lays on clean, white sheets
in a cool, dark room
and drifts off to


what was supposed to be her


Monday, January 15, 2007

A Grave Thing

Gravity wraps me in greedy arms,
pulling me under the tide
drowning me in the waters
of my own
damn pride

you always had to be right
you always had to be right
you always had to be right

and I can hear you now,
beneath this bitter slice of moon,
as you croon

and it goes

you always had to be right
you always had to be right
you always had to be right

it ricochets off the walls of the night

you always had to be right

NOTE- This poem was written to take part in Poetry Thursday. The first line comes from Deb R.

You can find her poem at

Many thanks to her for the inspiriation.

Monday, January 08, 2007

My hands are tied

strings latch my limbs,
tying me in knots,
making what I am not

all that matters

sentences you say,
can not change a thing,
can not make the truth

all that matters

dizzy lost time,
tugs the course of my life
till what I want to deny is

all that matters

and all that matters is....

my hands are tied

NOTE- this poem is inspired by a post at Poetry Thursday. This is my first time responding to one of their prompts so I hope it was done in the way the poster intended.

A beautiful bride?

she only wanted simple things
to grab her slice of the American dream

like her mama
and the ones
before, before

she only wanted to walk home
and in her door
to smiling faces on bodies two feet tall

and each night fall
to sleep
in arms that would hold her
steady, steady

she only wanted simple things
to get a slice of the American Dream

but he left
like the ones
before, before....

and simple slipped through her fingertips
once more, once....

like before, before, before.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Fade to Blue

It started with an explosion,a flash of light killing blue,
and soon the whole damn world knew

it was the end... of time.

And so I rushed, ran through the streets, ran wild as the toxic breeze,
to get back to your side.

Without surprise you reached for me, as if you always knew, as if this was just a script-
the last scene coming true.

The minute stretched, and yes oh yes that minute was divine, then the sun turned coal, and we.. and earth.. and love... all ran out of time.

NOTE- This work is part of an excercise at New Writers and Readers Blog. There is a link to the group in the sidebar.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Murder Your Darlings

this isn’t the kind of thing you can get in
or out of
without blood on your hands,

stealing breaths, without regrets, without

don’t get in this trade and think you can
stay clean.
it’s not that kind of thing.

soul spilling

and someone always gets