Thursday, April 26, 2007

adept at stifling sonic booms

to make sure
I break down;
I never do break through.

don't call it constant drama
no, you never knew-

you never knew me at all.

sabotage my own
grandiose fantasies.

take a knife to
stab away reality.

cut you with the bitter blades of what
I'll never be.

you never knew,
you never knew me-
at all.

Trip over this news,
fall down the stairs.

Didn't catch a clue
till you were in midair.

Thought you knew the truth
but what you knew
was never really there.

You never knew. You never knew
at all.


Marie said...

Excellent. I love 'take a knife to stab away reality' and 'cut you with the bitter blades of what I'll never be.'

crimsonflaw said...

beautiful, brilliant. i love the imagery and how it seems answer in the negative the question of knowing. and to me its typography does seem like a flight of stairs in parts crumbled in parts stained...

its beautiful..
sara, thank you for stopping by.. i am busy failing exams these days.

let me see that one on the mudslide now.

Clockworkchris said...

"constant drama" Well if that doesn't just cut reality down to two words I don't know what does. This poem was awesome. Everyline was gripping and I had to re-read several times.

Rax said...

i like the lyrical quality to this and the depth of imagery, vividly raw and lingering the voice used. wonderful