Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A pretty girl

a tragic smile decorates
her otherwise
pretty face

a pretty girl
she could have been
could have been...

But knowledge slit her like a sword

open, end to end

and all her heat grew cold, so cold
and yet......


except for the
telling smile

she shows the world

she could have been.... a pretty girl

The Last Remains

Turn away your eyes,
leave me here with this
sweet sorrow

And I will clutch at the last


For this dream’s
come undone

Another discarded deserted one
A broken down disgrace


I can’t turn away my eyes
So I will
lay here beside

the last remains
our last remains...

For it isn’t over, no it is not over,
It is not over until

I say so

Friday, November 17, 2006

Underground Sanctuary

her fingernails bear the mark
earth packed down to her skin
from where she has clawed
scraped, dug
this hole...

she lives within
it’s misery
beneath the ground

it’s a sanctuary
where she conceals...

what others should never know about.

she breathes in dank
dirt, death.

she won’t crawl out,
quite yet,
for the pain still resonates.

it thumps, runs through her like a fire
burning ever brighter.
it thrives.

and here in her Land of Dark
she dies,
dies, dies

rips at the ground to cover herself
and prays....

to be
buried alive...


I want to touch you
on a shore, kissed by the sun.

I want to touch you
in the center, where your past lays.

I want to touch you
in the depths- of your bitter soul.

Let me know you...
a fraction of your days.

give me moments
give me moments
give me more

give me glimpses
give me seconds
give your touch

give me this
give me time
give me us

give me moments
give me glimpses
give me...


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

An Internal Open Wound

I’m dying
right here, now,

in front of his eyes but

unnoticed by him.

he can’t see the wounds

bleeding away pieces... of... me...

would be merciful but
he insists “no one gets out of this that easy.”

a heaviness passes through the air
and I start to believe
even ghosts can’t break free
of him.

He can’t escape himself
so why, his illogical mind declares, why should I?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sinking Floating Surrender

October 26, 2006

let me sink
in this sea
of words that call me home

let me fall
into a swirling blue mist
and never see the surface again
breathe in the essence of Shakespeare,
Emma, fire and ice

and drown in my own
loving, loving, loving
this falling without effort

yet, never reaching the ocean floor

living now, then, forever
a sinking floating
among the words that I