Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Last Remains

Turn away your eyes,
leave me here with this
sweet sorrow

And I will clutch at the last


For this dream’s
come undone

Another discarded deserted one
A broken down disgrace


I can’t turn away my eyes
So I will
lay here beside

the last remains
our last remains...

For it isn’t over, no it is not over,
It is not over until

I say so


Master swaV said...

i have to say i love this one too i like how the flow kinda sneaks along.

p.s. i found this old site i used to post on like back when i was 19 dont know if some of the poems are on my other page or not tho lol. heres the link anyways

Anonymous said...

All of your work is so fresh. I am just obviously really excited to find another writer I think is awesome! Once again, your ending hits hard. I like it.