Saturday, January 26, 2008

Qualcosa di bello from Write Away was nice enough to give me a

Roar for Powerful Words Award.

Part of receiving this is that I must list three things I believe is necessary to make writing good and powerful.

Be fearless in your creating- Do not hold back because your mother, spouse, boss or best friend might read it and judge you. Write your truth. Delve your deepest emotions and infuse your work with the essence of them.

Be vicious with your editing- Each word should be on the page for a reason. It should help to paint your picture, to tell your story. I always say that each word should be put on trial for its life. Each word must carry the reader forward, never letting them lose their focus or way.

Keep working on it till you love it- The words should wash over you like a song, whether it is poetry or fiction. They should flow like a rushing river that transcends the every day world. If you can fall in love with your work, then it will be good and powerful for you, and maybe for the rest of the world too.

I must pass this award on to five bloggers whose work I admire:

Marie at Deep Thinker
Penelope from Cafe at the End of the Universe
JM from Fallen Words
Shakir at The Crimsonflaw Lived to Tell the Tale
Rax at Soul Phantasm
A curse
he harbored within his soul-
secrets making that
young man

before his time.


Till the acid of those lies
like internal sores and his mouth
could deny
no more.

He slammed
bricks of truth
on the wood floor.

***The last sentence comes from Mariacristina, who donated it at Poets Who Blog Interactive.
Feel free to stop by and take part in our poetry prompts there.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Wipe the snow off your grave,
my finger over your name.

I do this in remembrance...
I do this in remembrance...
I do this in remembrance...

Press the roses that you gave,
the memories like a flame.

I do this in remembrance...
I do this in remembrance...
I do this in remembrance...

You're every glint that’s in my mirror,
You're every shadow on my wall.

In every breeze
I'm sure I hear you.

I’m dancing with the ghost that you are.

I do this in remembrance...
I do this in remembrance...
I do this....

NOTE- This was written for Poets Who Blog Interactive’s Pick and Pull Prompt.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

....and in the end,
it falls the same.

one breath

one blink remains.

the best to
hope for,

all things the same,

your hand to hold

as I
drift away.

Note- This was written for Poets Who Blogs. The prompt was Comfort.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

running fast into the wind.

And its
swimming far away from shore.

swinging hard at fragile glass,
kicking down steel doors!

Riding out all my fears
while I spill these words,
spill these sins,

see my blood
stain my skin.

Cut me open-
the world crawl right in.

Make no apology for who I am-

is what it is,
this is what
it is.

Note- This poem was written for the Poets Who Blog prompt: What Poetry Means to Me.It describes how it feels like to me to create a poem, which at its purest forms is, imo, putting the rawest part of you on display for the world to see.