Saturday, December 30, 2006

You say "Stay."

when the day comes and the angels sing,
it’s to the memory of you
I’ll cling

and when the time
runs down to nil
and when the seconds come to still
and when I lose everything, and I will
I will...

inside of me you’ll stay.

In secret chambers in my heart,
and all of my past


in the places where I hide,

in the moment that I die

you're there in everything, to you I cling
I cling
and with you I


The title comes from a Lisa Loeb song

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Remember Me

when you think
about that girl
whose gone

and when you
on her
memory that
hangs around and
lingers on

I hope you think of
peace and love and grace

a million tender things,
moments that live forever...

I hope you smile

when you remember

Standing on Burning Ground

Long after the last tear has fallen,
I watch as you stroll away
and all I can think

"This is gonna kill. This is gonna break me down."

This is the kind of sin that burns the ground.
The sun is gonna fall and crush me dead.
End this now,

Stop my heart.
God, take me out.

End this now,

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The time was September, years ago.

The town was Chicago. Though, it could have been
Houston or Detroit-

gritty and urban, wholesome, home.

The dawn was just breaking. The sun
made a sound,
like fingers
and dreams lying down.

We walked through the station,
silent and stout.

Our eyes told the story, for our
had died out...

The train came early, a beast without
care, a steel monster jerking, then burning
the air, then leaving me looking, then you just weren’t there

“Once you love, you can never lose..."

"Really? You think that's true?"

You swore it was that day.

That beautiful morning,
that ugly ache,
you left and I

And I remain, still, stung by the day

my first taste of freedom
rode away on the

Monday, December 18, 2006

Dark Side of the Moon

Never saw
that curve coming....

a blind man who makes his home
on the
Dark Side of the Moon

and yet
never wants for a thing,

I never wanted to see the truth.

Cause I loved my myopic vision,
reveled in my foolishness,
and built a world strong as sand castles
blowing in the wind.

And if you ever asked me, even now,
"Did that revelation lead to a beautiful sunrise?"

I'd say, "Me? I don't need all that
light. Curve me back around,
give back the night."

Never saw that curve coming...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Her Attitude

You jut your chin out at me,cut your eyes.

Cunningly, you measure me
and I surmise

you've had your fill of taking it,
you've had your share of crime.

And all the sweetest in you
has curled up and died...

You never say the words, I hear them all the same.

This new attitude of yours,


And I,

I feel your rage.

NOTE-This was written in response to a challenge at the New Writers and Readers Welcome blog. Check it out and think of joining if you are a poet.

Once Upon a December

this world’s turned around
ten thousand times or more

since last that I saw...
since last that I was


this world’s spinning fast
it’s ricocheting me away

and soon I’ll be so far gone
the past will be a haze

a haze of blue and gold
a blur of green and gray
a place I always go
the place you always


the world's turned around
now I am the only one who knows

the last time I saw
the last time I was


NOTE- the title comes from a song by Deana Carter.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Meet me where I am

stop these tears.

make all I feel
come to an end.

make all I know
as the truth

and meet me where I am

and save me from the fall

take the pain
the ache
the loss

take me out...

take it all

take it all away

Saturday, December 09, 2006

how do you stand

when what you have done
strikes you down,

like a bullet fired from a gun?

and all you are not
is overwhelming,

taking your breath away-the spirit fades...

such a long terrifying fall from grace

the have becoming have not
the giver becoming the spent
the girl becoming more and still feeling less, always less...

the life, twisted like white sheets billowing on a line
the love, the one, the time

all lost to the hurricane
that you caused

how do you stand,
raise up from the wreck,

when what you have done

your world,

like bullet from a gun?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Part of New Writers and Readers

tumbling down one thousand stairs,

like a doll I fall,

like a toy a child has tossed,

like a love a boy has lost,

you did lose me, you know?

you did, you did, so easily again...

the blood, the scars, still show the sin

of the last time you let go

falling, falling, and never hitting the floor.

NOTE FROM SARA- this poem was created as part of a challenge posed at the blog, New Writers and Readers.

"How are you doing lately?"

"Just miming away my life. Pushing up
against these invisble walls that shrink
my world small, so small. Trapped
in the frame of an old photograph,
where all my edges are frayed, aged,
a little worn with time. But time,
time don't mean a thing. Not to someone
like me."

And if I was a different sort of girl, like the one
you used to know, I might say all that and more,
much more.

But she is gone,
and in her place is the one
who smiles, drops her eyes,
lets the truth fall between the lines.

"How are you doing lately?"


Monday, December 04, 2006

Endless Well

I don’t mean to scare you
my eyes

Don’t mean to chase you away

just because
I need too much.

An endless well.

Just give what you can....
and we’ll pretend that’s enough