Saturday, December 30, 2006

You say "Stay."

when the day comes and the angels sing,
it’s to the memory of you
I’ll cling

and when the time
runs down to nil
and when the seconds come to still
and when I lose everything, and I will
I will...

inside of me you’ll stay.

In secret chambers in my heart,
and all of my past


in the places where I hide,

in the moment that I die

you're there in everything, to you I cling
I cling
and with you I


The title comes from a Lisa Loeb song


Anonymous said...

Again.. beautiful...

timeless... it is your work sara.. i as a reader would want the title to be yours as welll but of course you know the piece much better than i ever would...


writerwoman said...

I smile at the thought my work could even be close to timeless. You are beyond sweet for caring enough to stop in over and over.