Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Part of New Writers and Readers

tumbling down one thousand stairs,

like a doll I fall,

like a toy a child has tossed,

like a love a boy has lost,

you did lose me, you know?

you did, you did, so easily again...

the blood, the scars, still show the sin

of the last time you let go

falling, falling, and never hitting the floor.

NOTE FROM SARA- this poem was created as part of a challenge posed at the blog, New Writers and Readers.


toto-too said...

This is a wonderful piece, filled with lush word painting and nuance. The image fits so well, is it your photo?

write on,

Master swaV said...

i really like this and more so how from the very start u portrayed emotion and kept if flowing through out instead of how must build up to a would be climax. instead you turned the whole thing into one... i really do love that style and its very hard to do but you pulled it off with such easy that im left awe struck.

Susan Abraham said...

What a wonderful idea for this bit of poetry, Sara. Well done.

writerwoman said...

Hi Sage,
Thanks for the wonderfully sweet comment. The picture came from the blog, New Readers and Writers Welcome. There is a link in my sidebar. Any writer can play along at that site and create a poem to match the pictures posted.


writerwoman said...

Master Swav,

I wish I could say the style is intentional but all of my work is just stream of concious. I am glad you liked it though!


writerwoman said...


I found this blog where different writers meet to play around creatively and I just had to jump in. I just recently joined their efforts but so far it has been fun.


Anonymous said...

I like your poem. For sage-I just found the picture on a google search. I didn't expect people to keep using the same picture but sara, I'm glad you did. Our poems are so different. I am putting up a new poem today that is a part 2 to something you commented on before and I would love it if you could read it when you have a chance. As always, it's been a pleasure reading your wonderful work.