Monday, December 18, 2006

Dark Side of the Moon

Never saw
that curve coming....

a blind man who makes his home
on the
Dark Side of the Moon

and yet
never wants for a thing,

I never wanted to see the truth.

Cause I loved my myopic vision,
reveled in my foolishness,
and built a world strong as sand castles
blowing in the wind.

And if you ever asked me, even now,
"Did that revelation lead to a beautiful sunrise?"

I'd say, "Me? I don't need all that
light. Curve me back around,
give back the night."

Never saw that curve coming...


Anonymous said...

I love your poem's title, Sara.
I notice you've become more ambitious now, stretching your poetry on for a longer feel and manouvering your way adventurously into different stanzas.

love as always

writerwoman said...

Your comment makes me smile. I don't know if I am growing as a writer. I suppose I am too close to the whole process to see myself clearly. But I am surely growing in my love of the written word. I feel so lucky to be able to put my thoughts online and hope that others stumble up on them and feel they have found something worthwhile.