Monday, December 04, 2006

Endless Well

I don’t mean to scare you
my eyes

Don’t mean to chase you away

just because
I need too much.

An endless well.

Just give what you can....
and we’ll pretend that’s enough


Jod{i} said...

Hello, I am popping over from Write Words Writing....loved your comment to Chris' posted pics. If you'd like to join along we'd love to have you! Plus then you could post your entry in the main page not the comment area!

Let me know

Anonymous said...

Ditto on that but you visited my home page so now I get to add you to my list and read up on your poems. I commented back on my page to what you said about a poem, but you seem to write the way I was going for. I love when poetry isn't necessarily metered. I always get stuck in this 4lines, 4lines, 4lines, crap and it doesn't come out as beautiful as if it was natural. I love the ending but all of the imagery is wonderful.

toto-too said...

oh this was lovely; in its brevity, it spoke volumes. thank you for sharing and I am delighted I found your writings; I shall return.


Amol said...

I dont know if its just your imagination... or you have really felt what you have written about.. but both ways you are an amazing writer and you deserve all the appreciation you are receiving and more...
as for me.. i have felt these feelings in my own way and your poems just feel .... i dont know exactly what word to use, but they feel amazingly close...


Dan said...

Your structure in your poems, coerce the reader into reading it as you intend for it sound. Brilliant!

How many times do we pretend what we receive is enough?