Saturday, December 09, 2006

how do you stand

when what you have done
strikes you down,

like a bullet fired from a gun?

and all you are not
is overwhelming,

taking your breath away-the spirit fades...

such a long terrifying fall from grace

the have becoming have not
the giver becoming the spent
the girl becoming more and still feeling less, always less...

the life, twisted like white sheets billowing on a line
the love, the one, the time

all lost to the hurricane
that you caused

how do you stand,
raise up from the wreck,

when what you have done

your world,

like bullet from a gun?


[Ischelle] said...

i see you are a fan/friend of mortarbled and crimson flaw - as am I.

You are a beautiful writer.
Thank you so much for linking me..its quite an honor.

P.S. I love this:

such a long terrifying fall from grace

Anonymous said...

I think I read this at least twenty times-that is a first. In some ways this seems like a person who has attempted suicide and lived, waking up to a world permenantly changed by their actions. It's too strong to keep reading, yet I'm drawn back even now. You have a talent-don't let anyone tell you different.