Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The time was September, years ago.

The town was Chicago. Though, it could have been
Houston or Detroit-

gritty and urban, wholesome, home.

The dawn was just breaking. The sun
made a sound,
like fingers
and dreams lying down.

We walked through the station,
silent and stout.

Our eyes told the story, for our
had died out...

The train came early, a beast without
care, a steel monster jerking, then burning
the air, then leaving me looking, then you just weren’t there

“Once you love, you can never lose..."

"Really? You think that's true?"

You swore it was that day.

That beautiful morning,
that ugly ache,
you left and I

And I remain, still, stung by the day

my first taste of freedom
rode away on the


Jus Chris said...

This is just wonderful and I love the rhyme. It was hard to catch at first and I'm betting if I start to look back over your work I will find a lot more. It just hit me 2nite. Thanks for a great read.
This is ClockWorkChris-I just couldn't get beta to work.

[Ischelle] said...

wow this was absolutely beautiful

Anonymous said...

Dearest Sara,
Poignant, painful and

writerwoman said...

Thanks for your comments. I wanted to use this poem to mix my love for poetry and fiction. So I hope it told an effective story.

Happy Holidays,


writerwoman said...


Hey,thanks for dropping in. Any comments from you mean so much because I admire your frank and haunting poetic style.



writerwoman said...


that you think my poem reflects all those emotiions makes me feel like I am on the right track. Thanks for being a great cheerleader and adviser, as usual. You are great at helping me to strive for better.


Anonymous said...

sara this was breath taking
u have captured in it the feeling we the lapse hearted haunt and fade of...


Anonymous said...

my first time popping in.

i love you're style..it's very simple and short, but you're able to say what you need to.

i'll be back!

happy holidays.