Thursday, December 14, 2006

Once Upon a December

this world’s turned around
ten thousand times or more

since last that I saw...
since last that I was


this world’s spinning fast
it’s ricocheting me away

and soon I’ll be so far gone
the past will be a haze

a haze of blue and gold
a blur of green and gray
a place I always go
the place you always


the world's turned around
now I am the only one who knows

the last time I saw
the last time I was


NOTE- the title comes from a song by Deana Carter.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sara, thanks for visiting my site and reading the usual.

I have a problem with my eyes, reading is becoming difficult...

your december poem is just as beautiful as the sadness it fell in love with.

I am feeling wasted and broken these days.. it is the passing of the year I think ...

will come back recharged to smell the lilies..

your friend

Anonymous said...

I dont have the vocabulary or right words to describe this-but it really touches me. I love the haze he or she is stays in. Great work.