Thursday, March 29, 2007

Beautiful Madness

twin hues of
green and blue
light and pain
align in the portrait she paints,
a lovely bitter face.

And she wonders....

is it a symptom of madness

to find such beauty swirling

around all that

Note- The picture comes from Write Words Writing Club

Sunday, March 18, 2007

see me in the chipped paint.

smell me in the dirt, the dust, the musky smell of
in this place that time forgot.

You loved me not.
For you ran out, and ditched me on the side of this dirt road
long, long,
the end of breath in me.

Feel me in the breeze,
haunted angry screams rip through
the trees

yelling about lust, discarded dreams and us-
yelling about trust, discarded dreams and us.

Note- This was written for Poetry Thursday. The idea was to write a poem inspired by a picture of your own choosing.

My photo came from here,
a site with pictures that are in the public domain.

The artist who took it is named Clarita

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

you hold your image of me
in your hand
like water


leaving me shivering
biding my time
till you open your hands

and let me flow away

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


of high low rumbles
through the grey light matter

forming a seeming contradiction.

"Don’t say this is true,
let it be fiction," unspoken dry mouthed words you say,
clutching hands you pray, pray, pray.

The Desert With No Rain grows a tree of knowledge
and you

see the carnage, see the carnage,see the carnage

and know the truth.

Note- This was written for Poetry Thursday. The idea was to take a word and make your own definition for it. My idea was to make Sabrage describe the moment when your mind reacts to finding out about a life changing secret. Grey light matter is supposed to be your brain.

Sabrage, in actuality, describes the technique that is employed when a saber is used to open a wine bottle.

Wikipedia defines Sabrage

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Blue Green Colors Flashing

You are a blue green goddess that

You are the jagged, twisted face of

You are hanging in the air, close to

could you touch him if you tried?
could you pray for me tonight?

whisper in the wind and make it all

all right to be just who I am.
all right to not give up my sin.
all right to cry most every night.
all right to be too weak to fight.

You are the blue green, jagged twisted
beauty uplifted, far away yet home,

goddess that floats.

Note_ Title comes from a Stevie Nicks song.

This was written for a challenge at
Write Words Writing Club

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

God Made Red

Hot as city sidewalks
on the last day of July.

It looks just like death
and bleeds just like life.

The color of kisses,and broken
skin, and lies.

The color of rage
exploding behind your eyes.

Looking like the
inside of a volcano’s belly,

roaring like a dragon that’s hungry.

It’s a hue that keeps coming, coming, coming,
suck you in
take you deep inside,
get you hot, hard, and ready
til it’s banging in your head, head, head,

and all you hear is

red red red red


Note- This was written for Poetry Thursday. The prompt was Red, which happens to be my favorite color. I thought of doing a poem that was less literal but I wanted to do something was a tribute to the color. For years just the sight of it is enough to bring a smile to my lips.