Wednesday, March 14, 2007

you hold your image of me
in your hand
like water


leaving me shivering
biding my time
till you open your hands

and let me flow away


Susan Abraham said...

Beautiful as always, Sara.:-)

Brian said...

I like the first line, it says that I am not what you see.

Great poem filled with emotion.

Marie said...


Markbnj said...

Hi Sara.
Yes, I'm a publicity whore.

Feel free to take something from my website to showcase..
Just drop me a line or put a comment in the poem you take, will go to markbnj @

And I will update my links to include you, later!

crimsonflaw said...

sara... this is murder... it is so beautiful.... i love the obliqueness of metaphor here and the way it changes roles..

and take what you like from my musings for your collage etc.
I would, however, request you to mention me in the cast and credits...

was it the pettiness of the man? who knows...

coming back to your poem , i would put it up there with the heatr of darkness from your october verses..

your friend

Rax said...

youch. love the ending :)

Brian said...

i first imagined "image" as an actual picture, but then as I reread it I shifted to seeing the image more as a "mental image" a thought of someone. and the idea of being released like being forgotten... losing even the thought of someone. the ultimate letting go.