Tuesday, March 06, 2007

God Made Red

Hot as city sidewalks
on the last day of July.

It looks just like death
and bleeds just like life.

The color of kisses,and broken
skin, and lies.

The color of rage
exploding behind your eyes.

Looking like the
inside of a volcano’s belly,

roaring like a dragon that’s hungry.

It’s a hue that keeps coming, coming, coming,
suck you in
take you deep inside,
get you hot, hard, and ready
til it’s banging in your head, head, head,

and all you hear is

red red red red


Note- This was written for Poetry Thursday. The prompt was Red, which happens to be my favorite color. I thought of doing a poem that was less literal but I wanted to do something was a tribute to the color. For years just the sight of it is enough to bring a smile to my lips.


DewyKnickers said...

I can feel your words like drums. Red is such a strong word. You have captured the urgency of red.



Clockworkchris said...

You cheated, your favorite color is red-no fair, no fair (lol). Brilliant. So many pictures come to mind while reading this (I could not think of the fancy word for that). I love the rage, volcano and fireworks.

Crafty Green Poet said...

You caught the vibrancy of red here. I particularly like the opening of your poem.

Brian said...

I am taken by your passion and fervor in which you write and proclaim that red is the best. Red is you.

writerwoman said...

LOL, Chris!

writerwoman said...

Rose, thank you. I was hoping that the ending came across like a beat, strong and rythmic. Thanks!

writerwoman said...


thank you. I love red and hope I did it some justice with my words.

writerwoman said...


Love your comment - Red is you.

It made me smile. Thanks for that!

strauss said...

Think was really good. I tried really hard a few weeks back to write somethign similar, something that paid tribute to this strong colour, but I didn't do a very good job of it :) I REALLY liked yours.

Emily said...

I like how you took on the whole color...I really think you've captured it. I liked the first stanza best.

Rethabile said...

Reading this brought a smile to my lips. I enjoyed it.

Natalie said...

Wow. Red so is all those things. Such amazing imagery in this poem, really loved it. Anger, lust, heat, all captured so well. Thanks writerwoman.

Rav`N said...

"It looks just like death
and bleeds just like life."

thats my favourite line. a very....pounding poem.

Pat Paulk said...

Red is alive, just like your poem!! Love it!!

madd said...

great take on the prompt..the fact that you really like red comes through..it's hot, your red..thanks for the visit..m

Susan Abraham said...

Not to worry, Sara.
Explosive & colourful as always.

Regina Clare Jane said...

It's funny how I never liked red until I stared reading all these wonderful poems about red!
This was great- very intense!

Mallikarjun said...

Ha. I never particularly paid attention to this color. Now I know I will. The poem is quite beautiful. I could visulaise so many things. Also, I never knew that such beautiful lines can be written about something seemingly trivial.. a color! Good work, S! :)


Ron said...

Not too literal for me! I loved it. A fine tribute indeed to the passion and power of RED.
I was trying to mention my favorite lines but I liked them all...maybe
'The color of kisses...'
'roaring like a dragon...'
and that last stanza is, well, shall we say it?...hot,hot,hot
Also, thanks for your kind words on my contribution to Poetry Thursday.

Mary said...

I love the rhythm of this poem. The very end, with the red red red red - so powerful. A great collection of images. Nice poem.

s said...

it's so true that red just sucks you in. i wonder if it's anything to do with the connotations of wombs and velvet walls ... or maybe it's just me. =)

p/s thanks for dropping by.

gautami tripathy said...

Very powerful poem.

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