Tuesday, March 13, 2007


of high low rumbles
through the grey light matter

forming a seeming contradiction.

"Don’t say this is true,
let it be fiction," unspoken dry mouthed words you say,
clutching hands you pray, pray, pray.

The Desert With No Rain grows a tree of knowledge
and you

see the carnage, see the carnage,see the carnage

and know the truth.

Note- This was written for Poetry Thursday. The idea was to take a word and make your own definition for it. My idea was to make Sabrage describe the moment when your mind reacts to finding out about a life changing secret. Grey light matter is supposed to be your brain.

Sabrage, in actuality, describes the technique that is employed when a saber is used to open a wine bottle.

Wikipedia defines Sabrage


Beaman said...

This is rather intriguing. Your own definition of the word 'sabrage' goes well with the sound of the word. Definitely a very interesting structure to your poem.

DewyKnickers said...

I love your definition of the word. I had never seen this word before, do your poem makes great sense. It works really well.



Crafty Green Poet said...

I enjoyed thi, especially the first stanza. I think your definition would be more useful these days than the actual definition!

Regina Clare Jane said...

I've seen that technique before, but I never knew what the word was for it!
And I can relate to your poem- oh, so well...
Thanks, writerwoman...

Mary said...

I love the simplicity of the form and what you do with it. "pray, pray, pray" really works for me.

Saoirse Redgrave said...

See sabrage done before--messy. Your poem works well.

Very cool. I did not get around to answering this Poetry Thursday prompt-- Kudos for courage! :-)


gautami tripathy said...

"Don’t say this is true,
let it be fiction," unspoken dry mouthed words you say,
clutching hands you pray, pray, pray.

This works very well. Thanks for this great post.


jim said...

The parallel repetitions, so unadorned and direct, make it cohere.

Sabrage--hmmm. I guess there was a time when it was common enough that people routine took out their sabers to open a bottle of wine?

Ron said...

"See the carnage and know the truth"
and the line "don't say this is true, let it be fiction"...also marvelous. So much going on here, I love it.
And thanks for stopping by.