Monday, January 01, 2007

Murder Your Darlings

this isn’t the kind of thing you can get in
or out of
without blood on your hands,

stealing breaths, without regrets, without

don’t get in this trade and think you can
stay clean.
it’s not that kind of thing.

soul spilling

and someone always gets



Anonymous said...

My friend Sara...

the last line.. the expresison soul spilling....

that is wanton perfection
and these in some drifting context
the last few wwords...

fantastic.. absolutely... i love the last line...and of course the concept behind it

The SUCCESS Coach said...

Touching base for the moment; would you please update our link:

Will be back in touch soon; we're back on track with the "traffic exchange" program. You'll be receiving a bonus for your For Your Success link. Support those who support you, as they say.

Your support is appreciated. Have a great 2007!

Anonymous said...

Reads more like prose, Sara but philosophical.

Sara said...


Hi, thanks for stopping in again. Hope you are feeling well lately. your term wonton perfection is delicious. Love that you would think that about something I wrote.

Sara said...

Success Coach,

I updated. Thanks for remembering me.

sara said...

yes I am trying to mix storytelling and poetry lately. Like the poem I did about the train station. It's fun to mix everything up.

Thanks for sharing your comments and support with me. You're a true friend.

Brian said...

This is also great. To think you are talking about something so specific and yet so vague... the "its not that kind of thing" really lets us get into the attitude of the narrator.