Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Trivial Soultion

a trivial solution
lacking common sense
lacking any value
you give it no merit.

you give me no merit.
you laugh with
daggers in your eyes.

and all those times I longed to
make you see me,

into fragments

of broken memories.

turning to

turning while you are laughing,

laughing, laughing

all the while.

Note- This was written for Poetry Thursday. The prompt was to use a mathematical term to inspire a poem. If you knew me, you would know, how ironic it is that math could inspire anything but loathing in me.

Here is an explanation of the term I used



Susan Abraham said...

Same with me about the maths though I have learned to view it with greater interest now in later years.

DewyKnickers said...

Nothing is trivial, but many teachers treat children's ideas like that.

Scornful laughter, that's the wrong answer. How stupid!


twilightspider said...

This is so sad - no one deserves that kind of reaction.

My heart goes out to the narrator.

gautami tripathy said...

Still has math in it.."D

Do chk my post...Straight Curves.

Borut said...

A lot of truth in it. Can relate to that. In many ways, laughter can heal or kill, kill time too:), ... Thanks for visitin my (static old) blog.

Usha said...

hey thanks for dropping by :)
i like your poetry..says so much in so few words

crimsonflaw said...

dear sara,

i am honoured at your interest in what i write. As you yourself know i am a recluse by consequence. Life is going this way and that and one failure after another meets me halfway. your work is as beautiful ,serene , pure, meaningful and original as always.... like i said once .. it is in the art of composition...all your poems exist on multiple levels..
and u know it is such a strange sign that i myself wrote something on mathematical doodles the other night only to find a trivial solution here.. it seems our thoughts drift on the very same plane...

bless you.. and i am deeply honoured at your encouragement.. you inspire me my friend...
you and susan both.. it is just that i sometimes feel i am coming apart and can hardly ever contribute meaningfully to the world of my friends and well wishers...

my best

Thulasi said...

Simple but worderful poem,my good wishes