Sunday, April 01, 2007

The W's

When all the sand in the hourglass
like wine squeezed from the fruit of time

and what I thought I would one day be
what I never quite could find,

who shall I seek?
where shall I search?

who cleans up messes when everything hurts?

If the broken break under a moonless sky
God still see the tears they cry?

Just whisper to me the cure-
who,what, where,
why, why, why
did time run out and I was still chasing my ghost of a life,

just chasing ghosts, and catching nothing, nothing
every time.

Note-This was written for Poetry Thursday’s April 1st prompt: absolve
My idea was to describe a person who seeks forgiveness for wasting their life but who can give that forgiveness and what would it look like?


michelle said...

Very nice!

Brian said...

The first stanza really set up the poem so well.

You ask a great question at the end. I think absolution comes from within.

the prisoner's wife said...

interesting. very nice indeed.

Colorful Prose said...

Beautiful thoughts. I really liked how the first two stanza physically resembled hourglasses.

Fragmentsinsight said...

Beautiful poem. A tearing cry of desperation. Well done.

Sandy T. said...

Nice... I like it! Thanks for sharing this one with us!

Clockworkchris said...

breathtaking. Your poetry is progressing even in the few months I have known you. I still love the way you use italics to emphasize certain lines. Especially the line "...does God still see the tears they cry?"
And the ending was so true.

Susan Abraham said...

Very clever, this! :-)

crimsonflaw said...

brilliant reflective monologue...loose are its knots and frayed the ends... it typifies your understanding of the melancholy which deepens itself past expression.