Saturday, February 17, 2007

Poetry Carnival Poets

To love creating poetry is to love showing your soul to the world. These poets have shared parts of themselves with the world at large, through their poems. Read and enjoy:

Delaleuverse, a blog from Cathy
What Sister Thinks

A Doggy’s Life, featuring the work of Dogfaceboy.

Square Traveler
Later Days

Wm. Rike’s blog Arcane Matter Out Of Time
Teen Angst Remembered

CrimsonFlaw who maintains a set of three blogs maintained on the moods that constitute different
pangs of supposed creativity
book of the unrequited

Mad Kane's Humor Blog
Those &^%$#$% Auditions

Kilroy_60 at Fear and Loathing- The Gonzo Papers
Finding My Rhyme in Time

Chasing the Equal Sign

Kevin who blogs at Acoustics, Health & Sufism
It’s like being connected to an ocean

KGT’s blog is called When I Wax

Ron Russo at Just Be!
I wrote a poem once

Tiel Aisha Ansari who showcases her poetry at Knocking From the Inside Out
Twenty Years Ago, Yesterday

Katy from SomethingKaty
my golden right

Brain from Truth is Freedom
Cold -a poem that relates to our ongoing struggle between all of our selves.

Billy Jones
Dreams Lost Along The Way Home

Naomi Stevens blog, A Dairy from England

Jillbeth who displays her work at her blog called The Broken Cup: Christian Poetry

Hope you will take this chance to visit all the poets listed.

If you submitted by Feb 14th and do not see your blog here let me know.

There is another poetry carnival coming up. This one will be hosted by the link exchange site I run,
Poets Who Blog

If you want to take part, submit by Feb 23rd to

Thank you