Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cell Memory

A bone remembers a break
a tongue remembers a burn
skin remembers the cut
and still I never learn

the pieces of me know

but keep it
the whole

the parts of me do make
a mismatched
crazy shaped

crooked girl

a mouth recalls a kiss
a scar recalls a burn
skin recalls the slice

and still I never learn
I never learn

Note- This was written for Poetry Thursday. The prompt was: The body knows...


gautami tripathy said...

Do we ever learn? I like the simplicity of thought in here.

In-between state of consciousness

Brian said...

There is always hope that the next time won't hurt so much. Memory can sometimes be blessing and other times a curse. Wonderful poem.

Regina Clare Jane said...

I do believe in cell memory as well- but I also believe that along with the hurts and pain, the cells remember good times and joy as well!
A very powerful poem...

welcome to my universe said...

I loved the simplicity of this poem, and the idea that we have a memory, but still we never learn. Great job.

Susan Abraham said...

I liked the way you added in crooked girl, that gave an exciting new twist to the poem. :-)

crimsonflaw said...

beautiful sara

the crazy crooked girl...and the pieces that know but keep it from the whole ...

keep writing my friend ...even if the whole does not care to remember


Crafty Green Poet said...

It sometimes seems as though we never learn....

Saoirse Redgrave said...

Very good. Easily related to, also. Nice concept, nice job executing it!