Wednesday, October 31, 2007

what can I do now?
you’re gone

you are gone
from my side

the seat besides me stays empty
the bed grows cold

and nothing else
I do
will ever be enough
to fill this space

it’d be so much easier if I could just not think
not think

but I do,
I do

and this is all my fault
you’re gone,

By Sara
written October 8th,2006.


janetleigh said...

I understand the feeling of anguish and hurt you speak of in your poem - a desolate soul with no place to belong save the void. Sad but powerfully written, Sara.

Anna said...

This feeling is very real to me. Is one of the worst. Very strong poem.

S. Thomas Summers said...

hello love,

i'd start from stanza 3.

S. Thomas Summers

Ario said...

Just something I thought of. You play a little with fonts in your poems. How about enlargening some fonts more than others to suggest different feelings or attenuations?

Otherwise a very spare poem to suggest the emptiness after someone close has left.

Dan said...

Full of feelings, hurt and broken ones. I hope you're not actually there, Sarah.

crimsonflaw said...

Dear Sara,

As always your sorrow flows into the greater abstract....whole and intact , with grace and inviolable.


writerwoman said...

Thank you, Shakir. Your words touch my heart.

Christine said...

This poem brings me back to some lonely break ups. A hard moment.