Sunday, October 21, 2007

You weakness sickens me.
Such a pretty girl

The lines in your face
away your youth every second.

How do you stand it?
Can't you feel the air getting thin?
Time giving in?

Next year, next year....

I promise the face in my mirror.

I will do better next year.


Anna said...

Sarah I loved this one. It gave me chills all over. I understood completely.

Me, lately, I have been saying the same thing to myself. But I am saying "next lifetime, next lifetime, I'll do better."

janetleigh said...

This is a real zinger, Sara. I can relate to this, seriously. I really like these lines:

"Can't you feel the air getting thin?
Time giving in?"

Just sumpthang about them that strikes a chord in me.

I'm left thinking about myself, "ya, in another lifetime, grrl!"

crimsonflaw said...

beautiful...sara shuffling her sorrows ...

my friend you are wonderful. you will do just fine. you are true to your depth... that alas is your art ...but you have grace and you will find your place in the light..wonderful poem again

nomadicsoul said...

for some reason, this remind's me of oscar wilde's 'dorian gray'. i

Dan said...

Sarah, what powerful words you speak! I can see the image in the mirror and relate to it. By the way, thanks for your recent comments. This poem reminds me of one I wrote some time ago, think I'll post it.