Tuesday, October 02, 2007

when you are eighteen, you think like this.

you brought me to the edge of free-
a tattered soul,

and for your price you asked for

it wasn’t much.
it wasn’t hard.
you were a floating vagabond
who prayed that I could be your


I was spinning- hard and fast-
against myself,
against my past,
but somehow you....

you never knew it.


just starting a revolution.


Times were good but we.....we never knew it.

By Sara Pufahl with thanks to Rob and The Writer's Island for the prompt: The Journey.


Rose Dewy Knickers said...

They were the best of times, but always yearning for what lay further ahead in life's journey.



gautami tripathy said...

Ah to be eighteen again..

But on second thoughts, what's wrong with now?

paisley said...

i believe the truth here in lies in the fact that at 18 some of us are already "spinning hard and fast against our past"... i wonder what it would have felt like ... just to be 18...........

Jo said...

spinning hard and fast against our past

is a wonderful line. I like the beat in this.

lissa said...

So true - when you're young, the possibilities seems more endless.

tumblewords said...

'to the edge of free' is a phrase I found telling and yearning. Universal and personal. Nicely done - your words are perfect.

Christine said...

It seems like it's always that way when we look back.

I like the way this poem flows.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

That's so awesome. I still feel like that half the time; guess I never grew up.

Thanks for visiting!

Fenny said...

We know it now and enjoy the memories ...

Rax said...

love the sounds in this piece. happy to be back reading your work again :) i see i have quite the backlog hehe

Writer on Board said...

Yes. Like a song.

In my lower back I am old, but in my heart, I am still 18.

I took a look around. I like it here.

"I do write with the intent that others will read and enjoy my work. But if there was not one person on earth willing to read my work I bet I would still be off scribbling something."

Yes. And thank you.

Lyrically speaking said...

You were a floating vagabond who prayed I could be your solution...WOW

Very deep poem, I enjoyed disgesting your words

Haroun Khalifa said...

so much emotions in a few words

Ananda said...

this was beautiful. i discovered your blog from cathy's lyrically speaking. i will be back to read your words. peace and poetry, ananda

Scott Clawson said...

Its amazing to look back and realize what was important then, doesn't mean anything now! Guess that's just part of it! Great poem, great insight!


janetleigh said...

A dam good read, Sara! I can almost hear the drums.. ;> These lines:

"you were a floating vagabond
who prayed that I could be your


Boy, you hit a nerve in me here. Reminds me of a time..

I wouldn't want to be 18 again, I can tell you that much. Uh uh.

crimsonflaw said...

sara the last line is a stab... its beautiful

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christine said...

Your delicate touch, simplicity. You say almost as much between the lines, in the silences. Love it!