Thursday, June 14, 2007


Like liquor tumbles over ice
in a chilled glass,
that was your laugh.

And how it danced right over
my spine

every time
you thought you knew me better,

knew me better,
than I know me.

your insincerity
is startling.

your veneer is cracked.
and still you laugh,

you laugh,
you laugh,

and still I take you back,

like ice scraping against glass, glass, glass.


Rax said...

chilling laughter indeed. love the sporadic laughter peppered and repetitive in strategic places.

Clockworkchris said...

I have agreed with rax since before I knew she existed. The way you use repetition is a talent few have and it's great to see some more of your wonderful work.

crimsonflaw said...

rax has picked well on the theme.
I found the last line cold to touch...the glassiness was never brittle and it kept building up, tidal..

sara, it was like a thoughtful stare into the swirl of some poisonous drink... a beautiful poem .

the title is an interesting emphasis on the spine. and as always, i d die repeating this one, the typography is beautiful.

Tiel Aisha Ansari said...

The Ringing is up! Thanks for your contribution.

Deb said...

Beautiful, brittle and delicate, like spun glass. The repeated words weave a spell that holds this in your mind. I keep coming back to read it again and again.

Marie said...


ozymandiaz said...

laughter like liqueur poured over ice in a chilled glass
i will know the day i am a poet when i can write a line that says so much in so many ways with all of the connotations as but the beginning of this poem
you have embodied the entire characterization of a being in 13 words.
let me re-emphesize

TBD said...

Absolutely love it. We've all been there, but it takes a gift to write about it.

suzanabrams said...

Beautiful, Sara.
I love this especially the very first verse. Dramatic!

Rax said...

saw your poem in my scrying glass. come visit.