Sunday, May 13, 2007

I broke my heart,
broke my heart
for you.

Look at the things I would do
just to help you.

I broke the wall,
fell right on through,
into a well for you-

only wanted to help you.

I twisted the laws,
made lies true,
made lies do,

just to help you.

I broke my heart,
broke my heart for you.

You never saw the bruise-
such a cost to help you.

Look at what
I would do, what I would do-


it never helped


I could never help you. I broke my heart...


crimsonflaw said...

oh sara
i love the way the whats trip over themselves in the penultimate stanza. and it is beautiful.. i can understand it so well coz i went throu something that is... ah well.

as always, your typography imparts such a wealth of meaning to the thought you capture.
i am quite speechless. it is beautiful.. like air and water...

and the last line wiht its two diverging tragedies is infinitely precious.

wonderful work!

crimsonflaw said...

i read it again.. it is eeerily close to wht i went thru...the lies part..oh sara.. you have said it my friend.

writerwoman said...

Thanks for sharing all your wonderful thoughts, crimsonflaw.

This poem is really personal for me. I'm glad it connects with you and your sitution.

I was glad to give my all to the sitution that inspired this poem but, now I can see, that didn't mean it was destined to end well.


Clockworkchris said...

I read the comments before writing and forgot all that I wanted to say, so I am reading the poem again. For me it just has such a melody and the repetition of words and form made it so beautiful. I have never heard of a penultimate stanza. I do however understand the feelings in the poem. Bending over backwards, lying, and getting hurt all in an attempt to help someone who doesn't care. If nothing else, this is one of life's lessons that must be learned the hard way, yet never seems to matter later in the next relationship. This must be the life of a romantic.

Rax said...

I think just reading this broke my heart as well, sara. it is a truly touching poem, masterfully crafted in the way it moves its readers. Beautiful.

Marie said...

Great poem, one many can relate to.

suzanabrams said...

Sad, Sara but in its technicality, gorgeous!

Sandy said...

I agree with Chris....

I went through something similar and now when I look back at it - it does seem as if the person didn't care what I did to help him. Live and learn.

the prisoner's wife said...

oh what things we do for love...

lovely poem

Anna said...

This is very good Sarah, and it is very true. I think we have all done this some time with someone. Maybe eminds us to be a bit more attentive sometimes ...