Friday, October 20, 2006

Too Late

written may 31,2006

you’re there
right in front of me
but I can’t touch you.

you’re out of my reach

and I can’t save you
for myself,
hide you in a box,
and take you out when I am ready.

you are leaving
and I want to call you back.
but I am unworthy.

so I smile and wave and say
all the things I can think of, but none of it sounds right,
and just as I think
of the right thing
and I reach out to grab you back
you are gone.

already a part of my past.


crimsonflaw said...

this one saddens me. i ended up holding my silly old head in these silly hands and ...tears.. words...whatever it is or whatever it was ...just made its way back into the poem you wrote..

as i told u once before.. what you say is truth the rest is con art..

RomanceWriter said...

For me that poem is about loss and wasted opportunities. If only she had reached for him a moment sooner.....

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my sad, sad tale of almost love.

Anonymous said...

I read the poem as always, and then the other comments next. Wow, Crimsonflaw thinks very highly of you. Hope I'm not the rest but I think I am. Just like how you made the idea of reaching out to someone who is in your past, like only in a dream or memory.

Lisa said...

It's a nice poem - very sad - you can feel the longing.

rackoy said...

love the ending and surreal feeling. came via the carnival :)

crimsonflaw said...

Sara, my friend , just to let you know that i spent some sad pebbles with here with this pool of sighs... thank you my friend for giving words to the aches at heart. there is no cure to sorrow but there is comfort always..esp when you put your words together ...i remember the first time i read this one ...oh i was so sad back then...i am sad still...but your poem looks all the more beautiful now