Monday, October 16, 2006

Fade to Blue

With resigned eyes,
I watch as the needle hits my vein
and I think......

I think blue,
baby blue,
ocean blue, sky blue, midnight blue,
your eyes of blue,
streaking and
colliding fireballs of blue

And when the drug sinks in,
separates soul from man,
and what was my existence fades
Blackness does not take over

there’s still blue
and your face

baby blue, sky blue, ocean blue,
times of blue,
exhaling blue- pure as winter rain-
flashing lightening blue,

undeniable blue

and you



Susan Abraham said...

And I think too, indigo, lilac, mauve...& you my friend, are still there.


Kilroy_60 said...

I think you should have a wider audience for your work. I can't say that my providing a link will do the job, but I'm willing to post it if you wish.

You don't have an email link in your profile, so I had no choice other than to leave the message here. Should you wish to do a link exchnage, let me know. Otherwise I can place your link under Blogs Of Note.

writerwoman said...

Thanks for the offer. All these comments go straight to my email already.

I would love a wider auidence. This blog is still very new so I am not expecting much from it for right now. It is just nice to have somewhere to post my thoughts.

I will add your blog here when I get a chance. But I suck at dealing with the template so it may be a few days or so.



crimsonflaw said...

but i have said it all before...

beautiful poem writerwoman..