Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Discard Pile

breathe in
then out

blink again

I’m still here

lying where you left me
I’m still here

discarded isn’t easy to survive
discarded is my life

And as the acid burns
I will
just bide
bide for a while...

breathe out


crimsonflaw said...

beautifully measured out breaths...

the title...writerwoman this is so sad..i could stand by the side of this beautiful poem and lose count of my own breaths. i am not being generous with these silly comments. i truly love your tone..your confiding relationship with your verses...

Susan Abraham said...

Painful towards the end but that's because the power of your poem worked effectively, Sara.
Also, like the doll from which the character sounded at the beginning, as always...beautiful.

writerwoman said...


it is hard to reveal your soul online but with comments like yours it makes it easier.

writerwoman said...

Hi! Yeah, a lot of my poems are painfully sad, in a way, but I am glad you find them powerful.

Thank you for taking the time to support me and my poetry.