Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Something Sweet

Fall off of the
so effortlessly.

Drift down to the
swaying soft like a leaf.

And the crash will never come,
if you only


you could always fall on me,
fall on me.


crimsonflaw said...

lovely... i like the anonymity you imprison in its title...i like the typography.. a thing on falls but fashioned from the disposition of a ladder..

write on friend...our wounded hearts know little of the remaining verses..


Susan Abraham said...

The poem's power is wrapped tenderly into your words.
Very nice, Sara.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through your comment on the Writer's Unbound site. I just wanted to say I like this poem - especially the emphasis on the last line.

Jaime @

Anonymous said...

Hiya again. I'd love to know about your yahoo group. (Always looking for inspiration.) Also direct me to the NaNo joke?

Jaime ~ Fiction Scribe

Brian said...

this thing is something sweet. very tender....

Ario said...

A gem.

Sculpted to perfection. I can feel the lightness and the gravity pulling.