Thursday, October 05, 2006

Over and Over again

I keep tweaking the poem Drowning in a Word. I think it is because it is about writing and I am struggling to capture the joy and pain. The need to create that goes beyond a choice a writer makes to be devoted to this art. To not write leads to misery. To write can lead to frustration or an amazing high. It seems impossible to find the words to express all that writing is to me.


crimsonflaw said...

i could not agree more. to me there is always some kind of mad hope in giving words to thoughts.. as if expression is a miracle cure ..but often times it is only a pinch of salt into the written wound..

RomanceWriter said...

Yes, I cling to that mad hope. And wish it will be enough to make my life worthwhile.

Kilroy_60 said...

For Your Success

The sound of opportunity comes in many forms. It's not always a knock; have you "seen" opportunity recently?

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