Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Coming and Fading of Fall

A Midwest October

it comes sneaking in past the last
few seconds of
summer’s bow

slip in
let the leaves fall now

don’t mourn for heat
don’t be alarmed

its not beach time
but it has it charms

a snapping crack
smile at the colors
the wonders

the dying summer is gone to grave

and sure as sin
autumn will leave with a thunder
as the snow crashes in

but it’s only October
and we still have time
we have some time

there’s today and then tonight
to let the fall live

slip in, relax

it’s already fading too fast.... too fast......

The Atonement Season

Come on, gently, wash over me and I will soak you in

this time of year
that heals like a balm

this season rocking calm
that soothes
and sways away

traces of the loud noise
seen in the wake

of the wild chase

through the

of another summer of storms.

Another year surviving it
and I have made it
through this much of this year’s war.

Gently, give me more
a little more

And now we live in shadows that

at the coming night

take peace in it
find grace from sin

bask in
the season of



crimsonflaw said...

" and sure as sin
autumn will leave with a thunder
as the snow crashes in ''

made me stay ...and the typography was beatiful.. like many leaves ...scattered... random .. but to the eye true to an autumnal arrangement... but write more of the thesaurus in autumn.. the aged in the arms of autumn.. the stairs the candles.. write romance writer.. an autumnal romance..

The Wandering Author said...

I love the autumn anyway, and your poems just make it that much more beautiful.

Susan Abraham said...

I loved this poem,Sara. It was bewitching to the senses and almost brought tears to my eyes. I think I saw England through your poem (and where my spiritual heart really belongs) and in its most poetic sense. For a moment, I heard love songs of old, folk guitars, hippie tunes and then there were flowers in my hair...

Thank you for this wondrous bit of magic.


RomanceWriter said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts everyone. It is amazing to be to see my poem reflected through the eyes of different people and see what they took away from my words.