Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The wind rushes in without an apology,
a storm arriving in winter hues.

You never knew me at all.

You who saw me thru hell's gates,
through the window
of the voices in my head,
through the closed curtains
of my
raw passion,
capturing the essence of life’s high noon.

Thought you knew the truth-
decoded into letters-
but what you knew
was only my
grandiose fantasies
or blatant out right lies.

Yesterday's melancholy song
still haunts.

The eager sun sneaks in bits of light
echoes of voices from afar.

these lonely days of blue
cut me with the bitter blades of what
you never knew. You never knew.

This is nearly a Patchwork Poem. It is composed mainly of donated lines from other poets but I had to add the lines

of my
still haunts
was only my

Major thanks to Paisley, Lirone, and Lissa and Gautami Tripathy.


Kunjubi said...

"through the closed curtains
of my
raw passion,
capturing the essence of life’s high noon." Vow! what a wonderful expression. You have a very good knack of expressing an emotion in a different style, rarely found in poems generally, in the blogsphere. My sincere appreciation.. would like to read more of these. a talented writer. cheers kunjubi

STP said...

Very strong. Quite raw.

Lirone said...

A poem that really sweeps you along - and a very powerful ending too!

lissa said...

I really like the last part, like singing the blues

janetleigh said...

Another compelling read for me; I love what you do with the patchwork poem form, Sara! :) And what kunjubi said re the line, "..capturing the essence of life's high noon." This is majorly good showing your innovation and unique rendering, Sara. Love it!

Marie said...

Another great poem, Sara. Really powerful words.