Tuesday, March 11, 2008

oh I'm bound,
black bruised,
strapped down

mouth full of
lost dreams and

slams me hard with its hands
while the walls do their dance
moving closer
they laugh

for this girl is trapped



Katie McKenna said...

Wow! Your words made me feel claustrophbic!

paisley said...

i cannot help but think as i read this,, that in essence fear is a "mouthful of lost dreams"... after all it is fear of missing out on that which is to come isn't it in essence that is the basis for all fear??? wow... i have to think on this for awhile.....

Anonymous said...

lovely words....you have crafted it beautifully!

~beth ♥ said...


"while the walls do their dance
moving closer
they laugh"


Stacey said...

I'm sure we all feel at times that the walls are closing in on us ;)

anthonynorth said...

When the world gets smaller our mind gets larger with more scary thoughts.

Deborah Vatcher said...

Had a visceral reaction to this poem, so intense, powerful. And can we break free and master fear through art?

STP said...

The words are totally frenetic and capture the feelings so well. Besides the fact that I can relate to this poem, though likely in different ways, its pacing and style are perfect.

SandyCarlson said...

The mouthful of lost dreams image is just stunning. The feeling of being hemmed in and beat up by such dreams is powerful. God bless.

Ali said...

You took the words out of my heart. Wow. Ali

Moondreamer said...


You have such a beautiful way with words, I love this.


UL said...

trapped me you did, with this. superb.

Anna said...

Very well written Sarah. I'm sorry my comments have been sporadic, life is really weighing on me lately ... I will try to get back into it.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful poem. You are talented. Sometimes we feel trapped, but that's what we need to be able to move forward and grow.

Keep flowing!

Scot said...

nice write

Anonymous said...

There is something so powerful in this poem! It grabs you by the throat and makes you want to go through walls and run away from the pain.