Sunday, March 02, 2008

The E award

Marie, who pens fantastic tales about vampires and blogs at Deep Thinker, has given be an E for Excellence Award.

I have to pass it on to ten bloggers. I choose to honor:


Janet Leigh

Wandering Author

Stories of True Love






Stacey said...

Hi Sara well done for your E for Excellent award, you really do deserve it! thank you very much for choosing me as one of your ten people to honour (and well done to the others who were chosen as well)
You have made my day :-)

janetleigh said...

Congratulations on receiving an E for Excellent award, Sara! If anyone deserves such an honor, it's you. Can you imagine my sheer delight to find you choose me among ten to honor with the same award? I'm truly honored and humbled, Sara. You've certainly made my day, as well. Thank you..:)

Out of curiosity, am I meant to copy and paste the award to my blog? This is the first time I've received such an honor. Help! ;>

writerwoman said...

Yep, each person is supposed to honor ten other bloggers. You take the picture, by saving it on your computer and upload it in a new post where you name your ten bloggers.

Anna said...

Congratulations, and wow! Thank you! What an honor. I will have to pass this on.

Saoirse Redgrave said...

Wow. The stuff I miss! Sara, thank you so much for honoring me... I'm stunned. Now I'm just bummed that I didn't see this earlier and that I didn't get to congratulate you on your blogging--You've been an inspiration to MANY.

I hope you're still writing and doing well,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving me an award,I am really obliged.