Friday, February 08, 2008

Steady hands

tethered to my past
bound by its grip
and everything I've ever lost-
uneasy to forget.

why don't you come across
this water now,
for you know that I am sick.
need your help in this crossing now-
a reason to exist.

steady hands in hurricanes,

you always had a way
of making the awful seem
crazy seem sane.

broken birds are innocent,
innocent they say.
and every sin will be forgiven
if you only pray.

so won't you

brush me your steady hands,
wash this anger
off my back.

keep me floating in the water,

make up
for all I lack.

make up for all I lack.
take me in your steady hands.


Anna said...

Sarah this might be one of your best. My opinion. This is very well written and it communicates exactly what happens sometimes. I know the feeling.

rch said...

Hi Sara, I must agree with anna here, this is wonderful. I love how it flows along, and the breaks are perfect. A pleasure to read this tonight, thanks.


paisley said...

what a sense of trust you seem to have developed in this saviour this person you call out to save you...

i cannot help but wonder to whom it is you are calling... could it be to yourself????

very well done....

STP said...

I, too, sense the trust, but also feel a fleeting, begging vigil waiting for help, answers, support. I loved the potency of the repetition of "make up for all I lack." It adds weight to what is missing.

Marie said...

Beautiful. Love 'steady hands in hurricanes' and 'broken birds are innocent'.

janetleigh said...

Oh man, this is fantastic writing, Sara. I have to agree with Sara (and rch) in that this piece may be yor best yet. It's well-crafted and passionate! I must be dense (but getting a little right-er) to not have felt this strong passionate vein running through your poems of late. Maybe it's always been there, Sara, but it leaps out at me now. The repetition of phrases works emphatically well. Your muse must be hovering at your side these days..:)

UL said...

i read the 'shatter me' first and this, and for the same reason it settle my mind with the 'steady hands'