Friday, February 08, 2008

shatter me like shells
strewn upon the beach
underneath your feet

shatter me like china
hanging on the wall,
like sun breaking nightfall

shatter me like hope
resting in a chest
another thing you left

shatter me
hard and quick and good
shatter me
shatter me
there was never a question you would.


paisley said...

wow... this is so totally off different from the last one you posted... i hate feeling like this,, but i think we all have......

STP said...

Paisly, beat me to the punch again. I was struck by the difference between this and the previous piece. One wonders if you are speaking to the same person. Quite powerful as hand in hand pieces.

S. Thomas Summers said...

i would drop all punctuation.

Marie said...

Hi Sara, I've awarded you the E is for Excellent blog award. Details over at my blog.

janetleigh said...

This does seem like a companion piece to the poem above, Sara. I am smitten with the entire poem but for some reason these 3 lines get to me:

"shatter me like china
hanging on the wall,
like sun breaking nightfall"

although I have to admit I'm substituting for vivid memory as I tweak that 2nd line to read:

"shatter me like china
thrown against the wall,
like sun breaking nightfall"

(Aside: my Mom liked to throw things when her long-suffering patience came to an abrupt end with my alcoholic father who provoked her without end. sorry to be so personal. sigh)

UL said...

it hurts to read these lines...very strong emotions here...esp. on that "shatter me"

Anonymous said...

WOW, absolutely amazing!