Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Compulsion to Spill Words

it's the fish that swims inside my viens
it's a rush from dancing near the flames
it's misery and it's regret
it's so I can remember, so I can forget

its ancient visions come back around
its water flowing under ground
its madness and it is pain
its summer snow and winter rain

its crawling underneath my skin
its breaking out and sneaking in
its glory and its release
it holds me captive, sets me free

its solid and it is hollow
its gone today but sought tommorow
it's muse and hunger and instinct
catch the tiger, slay the dream

muse, hunger and instinct
why I spill these words
all over me


Cynthia said...

"A rush from dancing in the flames, it's muse, hunger, instinct", your poem is full in the emotion of poeming, of how I feel about kmy obsession to poem.

Nathan said...

This is so intense: "it's muse and hunger and instinct/catch the tiger, slay the dream." Your use of repetition and rhyme enhance this intensity and bring out the sense of an incantation.

s. thomas summers said...

"it's the fish that swims inside my viens"

but is it not grand to go fishing!!!

hope you're well.

The Mad Celt said...

Your poetry 'tis a shadow of my dreams...a lightning storm of the psyche...wonderful.

Peace and joy...The Mad Celt

janetleigh said...

This is what it's all about; exquisitely penned and equally felt by this reader. This is you, Sara, absolutely, without a doubt; the virtuoso in word play and creativity.

jack sender said...

fish in the veins - great word picture.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I totally have Metallica on the brain; this reminds me of their classic "Sad But True" -- even down to the ending stanza. Yet this is entirely your own and that maybe makes it a bit more powerful.

christine said...

Once again, your words read like a song. This one reflects a lot how I've been feeling lately, especially the gone today but sought tomorrow part.

janetleigh said...

Sara! Where have you gone off to? Why won't you answer my emails?

Anyone know where Sara is??!!

Kilroy_60 said...

This sounds like the mantra by which many writers live.

Will you be returning to publish here again? I stopped by to give you a thumbs up on StumbleUpon.

{my page}

oceanic mirages said...

i spill my words to hide my scars,
to paint the discolored patches on my skin,
to hide the blemishes on my soul.
loved your composition.

Ben said...

loved your dreams on this site. especially this cento. beautiful composition.

YogaforCynics said...

Wonderful imagery--particularly the fish in your veins, the summer snow, and the words spilling over you...

rdl said...

i like this one alot. just found your blogs- very interesting. will definitely be back.