Saturday, January 05, 2008

running fast into the wind.

And its
swimming far away from shore.

swinging hard at fragile glass,
kicking down steel doors!

Riding out all my fears
while I spill these words,
spill these sins,

see my blood
stain my skin.

Cut me open-
the world crawl right in.

Make no apology for who I am-

is what it is,
this is what
it is.

Note- This poem was written for the Poets Who Blog prompt: What Poetry Means to Me.It describes how it feels like to me to create a poem, which at its purest forms is, imo, putting the rawest part of you on display for the world to see.


Sandy Carlson said...

I like the image of the world crawling in as we open ourselves. Wonderful.
Writing in Faith

STP said...

This poem speaks to me as an almost savage freedom. Poetry can definitely be that. I like it a lot!

sister AE said...

"swinging hard at fragile glass,
kicking down steel doors!"

i love that - and i do and say in poetry whati would not otherwise

Poems and Stories said...

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Jodi Barone said...

Rawest with what seems like a fragile beauty and later proves itself infinite and indestructable. Thank you. jodi barone

Mad Kane said...

Wow! That was wonderful!
Mad Kane

qualcosa di bello said...

right to the *heart* of the powerful!

Moondreamer said...

Wow! Beautiful ...

Thank you!:o)

UL said...

oh you have touched my core, Sarah. A rush, a rebellion of the best kind is what it is...and its heard and applauded. Beautiful. Thank you.

S. Thomas Summers said...

well spun. you tackle the prompt well.

janetleigh said...

I feel your fierce determination not to make excuses for who/what you are/have become; that you've come to accept your fierce strength that protects your fragile, soft, feminine, sentimental, sentient soul within. (I apologize for putting my spin on your words, but this is the effect it has on me, the reader..:) For me, there's also a sense of gritting the teeth, speaking slowly, deliberately, the last few lines. (This, coming from someone who files her teeth to make a fine point sometimes..;)

Poetmeister...on the road to Parnassus

Dan said...

Sarah, loved the lines "swinging hard at fragile glass,
kicking down steel doors!". This speaks of raw expression of freedom and release; it's wonderful.

Anna said...

"Cut me open-
the world crawl right in."

is very good.