Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hollywoodland Hunger


is a fickle food.
Men eat of it and die."

Always the camera is angled so we look up
and nothing will come of our lovelock.

"Fame is a fickle food.
Men eat of it and die."

That lady with her garments on
is Life but is she Art?

"Fame is a fickle food.
Men eat of it and die."

Nothing! Nothing but air, thin air.....
"This," says the voice, "can be laid to the natural greed."

"Fame is a fickle food.
Men eat of it and die."

Men eat of it and die.
Just Food!
Just any old kind of food!

Dying to taste it. Take a slice-
only a pun for bread- seductive
visually, but you could starve.

"Fame is a fickle food
Men eat of it and


This is a cento. None of the lines above are mine. The poems used were:

Running Away Together by Maxine W. Kumin
Video Cuisine by Maxine W. Kumin
Fame is a Fickle Food by Emily Dickerson
Ode to the Lemon by Pablo Neruda, translated by Jodey Bateman
Wonderbread by Alfred Corn
The Clean Platter by Ogden Nash.

The poems were suggested by Jilly Poet,Lissa, gautami tripathy, and Lirone. This was written for Patchwork Poetry.


writerwoman said...

Work process-

I had to delete a word in the first sentence. It reads in the poem

That a lady with her..

And the third line was also changed. The we used to be they.

I also decided to set apart the first word and the last word in this poem.

I decided to not make my poem about traditional hunger but an internal hunger. I felt most drawn the the Emily Dickerson lines and felt they were strong enough to base the poem around.


Lirone said...

I like this - the way you use the lines from the other poems to complement the different emphasis that you place on the repeated lines from the Emily Dickinson poem,

lissa said...

I like it. the repetition of Dickinson's lines, they emphasize every thought

thanks for your visit

Nathan1313 said...

I've seen the patchwork poem mentioned but I've never read one. This is really good. There is a real sense of ominous yearning.

Scot said...

good one

STP said...

I like it stylistically and it seems an intriguing challenge. I also enjoyed the context. Very true.

janetleigh said...

I love this, Sara! Reminds me of the drama exercises my son and I did while working in theater. We'd recite lines stressing the first word of the sentence, followed by emphasis on the 2nd word next read around, then 3rd word stressed, and on down the words in the sentence. We were always amazed how the meaning of the sentence changed according to what word was stressed.

You did a great job with this patchwork poem, Sara, with your original intent successfully carried out. And you're so right about Emily Dickinson..:)

How you been, my friend..? Hope all is going well for you. {{{hug}}}