Tuesday, April 15, 2008

you are
fingers stroking keys,
stroking hope into me
you are.

you are
sun on the horizon,
liquid for the soul
you are.

you are
prayers caressing my ears,
caressing away fears
you are.

you are
phenomenal fuel
that drives this dream,
gifting wisdom and belief
you are.

you are
angels driving demons,
driving away demons called

oh yes, you are....oh yes, you are,
you are.

Note- this poem is a thank you to all the people who read this blog and anyone who has ever left a comment. It was written in honor of Blogger Reader Appreciation Day


Noah the Great said...

You sounds like a wonderful person!

Stacey said...

Oh wow,these words speak volumes!

STP said...

I love the form; the repetition of "you are," the flow of the piece and, of course, the idea.

It's a gift to be a reader and commenter on this blog.

paisley said...

it is now and shall forever remain,,, my pleasure.... and i want to thank you sincerely for offering your poetic hand in friendship by walking with me thru this blogging adventure......

Scot said...

keep up the good work!

christine said...

Thank you, Sara! Beautiful poem.

Fireblossom said...

I agree with stp, the repitition and rhythm work wonderfully here, and it's a lovely gesture. I really enjoyed reading this.

samrina said...

Very well expressed..

Take care

Lyrically speaking said...

beautifully said, really enjoyed

Marie said...


Rob Kistner said...

Very cool Sara - and I love the refrain. It enhances the sense of gratitude and points it directly at the reader... well written! ;)

janetleigh said...

This is wonderful, Sara, and shows the heart you have for poetry, your poetry friends and poetic fuel that drives you to do what you do - and what drives us to you! We know your heart for this place. I appreciate you and your poetic soul immensely. Thank you,
thank you,
thank you.

Cynthia said...

Oh, I feel the same way, your
poem relates how my feelings
towards the generous writers who
read and comment on my poetry.
Thank you for writing this poem.