Saturday, April 05, 2008


human reaching out to human
lighting up store fronts and street vendors


we were spinning hard and fast
and we cursed both god and man


the sound of voices sprang up with excitement
changing the colors of the city


crowds smothered the sidewalks
covering the hemisphere
as we walked the streets
tearing through barbed wire


everything suddenly moved in lighting speed
those bellowing beasts:
dream maker and dream


just starting a revolution.
just starting a revolution.

Thanks to paisley,mariacristina,lirone,
lissa who donated the lines above for me to use in this poem.

And major thanks to Patchwork Poetry for making this cento possible.


writerwoman said...

Work Proccess-

Wow. I struggled this week. Had to change a lot of the tenses and the pronouns to make this fit.

Took most of my inspiration from the poem Spring in New York by Lissa and mixed that with the poem I submitted this week, When You Are Eighteen You Think Like This.

I also managed to make work a line from each of the other poems submitted, at least I hope it works. :)

paisley said...

it works so well i didn't even realize it was patchwork till the end... and even then i had to search out my own line.. bravo!!

Scot said...

good piece and from a prompt..hmm--nice

lissa said...

I'm glad to be of some inspiration to you, I think you did a great job, all other poets' lines works really well, I didn't even recognize one of my line, well done

Lirone said...

As others have said, this works really smoothly. I particularly enjoyed the third and fourth lines... they work together beautifully. I only realised the third was one of mine when I went back to see which lines you'd used!

christine said...

It's great! This poem would also make a great song, especially with the refrain "revolution" repeated throughout. The poem reminds me of our times, and how so many want the war to end, poverty and hunger to cease, global warming to wane....that's what comes to my mind.

gautami tripathy said...

I loved the refrain. It does great for this poem!

slithering snakes

Aareet Krsna said...
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Moondreamer said...

I love the idea of patchwork poetry and this is great!

Just popped over to let you know it's Blogger Appreciation Day (post about it at mine) and you are appeciated!

Have a great week!


UL said...

This is superb...the repetition emphasises the cocept like no other..

susan said...

Was this prompted by the anniversary of Dr. King's assassination? Repetition is one of my favorite devices.

writerwoman said...

Susan, MLK was on my mind when I put this together.